Anne at Home - Fishing Collection

Delve into the Fishing Collection's bath hardware selection by Anne at Home, an exquisite array of bath hooks that captures the essence of aquatic allure. This assortment presents meticulously handcrafted bath hooks in various aquatic designs, each intricately detailed to bring the beauty of underwater life to your space. Crafted from pewter in the USA, these bath hooks showcase a perfect blend of artistry and functionality. With a variety of 38 finishes available, ranging from Rust with Black Wash to Pewter with Maple Wash, this collection offers a versatile palette to match your interior esthetics. Whether you're adorning a fishing-themed bathroom or simply seeking to infuse your space with the tranquility of the water, the Fishing Collection's bath hooks promise to elevate your interiors with their unique charm and impeccable craftsmanship.

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