Anne at Home - Cats & Dogs Collection

Uncover the heartwarming charm of the Cats & Dogs Collection's bath hooks, a captivating array that captures the essence of our beloved four-legged companions in the most delightful way. These bath hooks, meticulously handcrafted from pewter in the USA, are more than just functional pieces – they are expressions of adoration for the furry souls that light up our lives. Each hook, whether it's the intricately detailed "Labrador Hook" or the playful "Irish Setter Hook," is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and design brilliance. With a palette of 38 finishes, ranging from Antique Bronze to Pewter with Maple Wash, this collection is a canvas for personalization. The Cats & Dogs Collection bath hooks go beyond mere accessories – they are a symphony of warmth and playful elegance, an invitation to infuse your bath spaces with the endearing spirit of our cherished companions.

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