Siro Hardware - Stainless Steel Collection

Stainless steel is a timeless alloy with a particularly high level of purity. It stands out due to its resistance to corrosion and high temperatures as well as its durability and many possible uses. Our commitment to sustainability means that we can guarantee that our stainless steel fittings have the longest possible service life. During production, we pay particular attention to the correct combination of materials, precise workmanship and careful use of resources. Our stainless steel fittings reveal the most stunning side of this material. The handles are available in rounded or square designs, while the many different lengths mean that we can provide the perfect size for almost any item of furniture. We also sell a wide range of stainless steel knobs in various shapes and sizes as well as recessed handles suitable for flush-mount installation. Handles and knobs can be combined on an individual basis to complement an overall style. Their clean lines and minimalist design are ideal for a modern living environment. These stainless steel fittings are suitable for all areas,their timeless elegance and durability making them the perfect addition to stylish and long-lasting items of furniture.

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