Vicenza Hardware - Sforza Collection

Vicenza Hardware collection fuses the concept of jewelry & variety of metals & colors. The Result is a fresh approach in hardware that has never been offered before. Designer Bryan Siegel & Co, Creations are embodiments of classic elegance with a lively touch of whimsy. Relying on the old world craftsmanship and the finest modern day resources

Caring for Your Vicenza Hardware

We recommend simply dusting your Vicenza hardware. You may use a very soft brush to remove dust from designs and crevices, and use a soft micro-fiber cloth to dust the surface gently. You may also clean with a soft damp cloth using a mild dish soap if necessary. Generally, your Vicenza hardware will not require more than this to stay looking as beautiful as ever. Never use abrasive cleaners or pads as these will mar the finish.

With the exception of our Antique Silver and Polished Silver finishes, we do not recommend any additional measures, other than the gentle cleansing described above.

In the event that your polished, non-plated hardware (Antique Silver and Polished Silver) should require deeper cleaning, you may use a non-abrasive metal polish with a soft cloth to restore your hardware to its original luster.

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