Carpe Diem Hardware - Crowning Glory Queen Penelope - Peek-A-Boo Mirror with Swarovski Elements in Cobblestone with Crystal and Lapis Crystal

  • Item # CAR-115520
  • Model # 6630-0-C-LAP
$208.05 MSRP $219.00
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  • Length: 3 3/8"
  • Width: 3 3/8"
  • Projection: 2 1/2"
  • Material: Genuine Swarovski Crystal, Lapis, Onyx, Pewter
  • Finish Shown: Chalice -9

    Disclaimer: All items are hand made and as a result dimensions will vary slightly from piece to piece.Pre-drilling holes is not recommended.
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    Current: 6630-0-C-LAP
    6630-0-AB-LAP 6630-0-AB-OX 6630-0-C-OX 6630-0-MC-LAP 6630-0-MC-OX 6630-0-T-LAP 6630-0-T-OX 6630-11-AB-LAP 6630-11-AB-OX 6630-11-C-LAP 6630-11-C-OX 6630-11-MC-LAP 6630-11-MC-OX 6630-11-T-LAP 6630-11-T-OX 6630-12-AB-LAP 6630-12-AB-OX 6630-12-C-LAP 6630-12-C-OX 6630-12-MC-LAP 6630-12-MC-OX 6630-12-T-LAP 6630-12-T-OX 6630-2-AB-LAP 6630-2-AB-OX 6630-2-C-LAP 6630-2-C-OX 6630-2-MC-LAP 6630-2-MC-OX 6630-2-T-LAP 6630-2-T-OX 6630-22-AB-LAP 6630-22-AB-OX 6630-22-C-LAP 6630-22-C-OX 6630-22-MC-LAP 6630-22-MC-OX 6630-22-T-LAP 6630-22-T-OX 6630-23-AB-LAP 6630-23-AB-OX 6630-23-C-LAP 6630-23-C-OX 6630-23-MC-LAP 6630-23-MC-OX 6630-23-T-LAP 6630-23-T-OX 6630-24-AB-LAP 6630-24-AB-OX 6630-24-C-LAP 6630-24-C-OX 6630-24-MC-LAP 6630-24-MC-OX 6630-24-T-LAP 6630-24-T-OX 6630-26-AB-LAP 6630-26-AB-OX 6630-26-C-LAP 6630-26-C-OX 6630-26-MC-LAP 6630-26-MC-OX 6630-26-T 6630-26-T-OX 6630-27-AB-LAP 6630-27-AB-OX 6630-27-C-LAP 6630-27-C-OX 6630-27-MC-LAP 6630-27-MC-OX 6630-27-T-LAP 6630-27-T-OX 6630-3-AB-LAP 6630-3-AB-OX 6630-3-C-LAP 6630-3-C-OX 6630-3-MC-LAP 6630-3-MC-OX 6630-3-T-LAP 6630-3-T-OX 6630-8-AB-LAP 6630-8-AB-OX 6630-8-C-LAP 6630-8-C-OX 6630-8-MC-LAP 6630-8-MC-OX 6630-8-T-LAP 6630-8-T-OX 6630-9-AB-LAP 6630-9-AB-OX 6630-9-C-LAP 6630-9-C-OX 6630-9-MC-LAP 6630-9-MC-OX 6630-9-T-LAP 6630-9-T-OX


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